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Royals take Lead in Final Series

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Jr Royals take lead in Richardson Pioneer Fastball League

Rosebud JR Royals win 3-1
Over Rhein Rockets

WP Koby Faubert
Hr Evan Neibrandt Rockets

Friday night at RE/MAX Diamond in Wadena saw a intense ball game 1 of the Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball Finals. Veteran Pitcher Terry Peppler from the Rockets and 16 year old Koby Faubert didn’t allow many base runners all game in a low scoring battle. The Royals came out on top with error free defence and a great display of “small ball” to score some of their few base runners with bunts, stolen bases and Clutch hits.

The Royals jumped to a 1-0 lead in the 3rd but Evan Neibrandt quickly tied it up with a solo home run in the top of 4. The Royals speed was showcased in the bottom of 6 with Carter Petersen getting a lead off bunt single Between 3rd and the pitcher and a stolen base, followed by a 0-2 single by Luke Scutchings. Scutchings was able to reach 3rd off a stolen base and error and Lucas Ochitwa’s scored him on a groundout to 2nd to take the lead 3-1. Royals shut the Rockets bats down once again in the top of 7 for the win thanks to pitcher Koby Faubert and solid defence by the teenaged Royals.

Game 2 In Rhein 2:00 Saturday.

Game 3 if needed to follow extra inning Sudden death format.

Finals are set

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Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League Semifinal 2:

7-0 Wynyard Blues def Rosebud Jr Royals WP Mike Jordan.
6-3 Juniors won game 2 WP Koby Faubert
1-0 game 3 WP Koby Faubert.

Like all of the League’s Playoffs Series’, this was a Modified Best of three with game three as an international rule sudden death game.

In the extra inning style game 3 each team started with a runner on second base. The Royals Kaden Fedak advanced the runner with a groundout to SS. Next up Luke Scutchings hit an RBI fly to right field before Mike Jordan shut the door for the Blues. In the bottom half of the inning the Royals Koby Faubert shut the Blues batters down with a Strikeout followed by two ground-outs

Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League
Final series dates (modified best of 3):
Friday at 6:30 in Wadena. 7 inning game.
Saturday at 2:00 in Rhein. 7 inning game. One-inning game 3 if needed would happen at the conclusion of game 2.

The League Final will feature a proven Rhein Rockets team having won 1st place in the league and been around the Men’s Fastball Circuit for year against a young team that has improved in the ranks every year of the leagues existence. The Jr Royals are made up of all U19 (formerly Midget Aged) and would have been competing for another Provincial Championship this year but with those cancelled this league title will be their last competitive games of the year.

Pictured: Royals pitcher Koby Faubert (age 16) in the Semi-Final Matchup against Wynyard Blues August 9th 2020.

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Saturday Results

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Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League Playoffs:

Wynyard Blues def Rosebud Royals 7-1 and 7-0 In modified best of three.

WP both Games Michael Jordan

No homeruns

Jr. Royals – 7
FOam Lake – 0
WP: Koby Faubert (5.0 IP, 1 hit)
LP. James Anderson
HR- Luke Scutchings

Jr. Royals – 3
FL – 4
WP- Ryan Junop
LP-Lucas Ochitwa

For the First time the 3rd game was needed to decide the series. It was an extra inning sudden death format with a runner starting at second.
Jr. Royals-1
WP: Koby Faubert
LP: Ryan Junop

Kaden Fedak hit a 2B to lead off the bottom of the inning for the win.

Wynyard Blues and Rosebud Jr Royals Advance to Semi Final in Wynyard Sunday time 1:00 and 3:00 in Wynyard.

Rhein Rockets Defeated Neudorf Posse in Semi-Final.
6-5 in extra innings
12-3 game 2

Terry Peppler wins both games

Grant Edgar goes 3/3 Game 1 with 3 RBI and walk off single.

Evan Neibrandt with 3 home runs on the day.

Rockets advance to League Final and will host it as top seeded team.


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Playoffs are set for the Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League starting tonight. Attached is the complete draw.

After Consultation with Softball Sask and to follow the Province’s Covid Rules instead of a Playoff Tournament in one location the Playoffs are now hosted in the top seeds locations. The Playoffs will be a single elimination (no b-side) with Modified Triple Knockout. The Modified Triple knockout will consist of two 5-inning games and if those games are split the third game is an extra inning with the International Rule in Effect (9th batter starts on second base). In other word game three could end in one inning. Spectators must follow all Social Distancing Guidelines as be the Provinces current rules.

Round one starts tonight in Balcarres at 5:45 and Rhein at 6:15 with the Broncs hosting the Neudorf Posse and Rockets hosting the Fishing Lake Cubs. Round one resumes Saturday with the second place Wynyard Blues hosting the defending Champ Rosebud Royals, and Foam Lake Merchants at RE/MAX Diamond in Wadena to face the 3rd place Rosebud Jr. Royals.
Semi-Finals will be Sunday in the higher seeds location and times to be determined by the teams.
Finals dates are TBD but are to be finished on/before next Sunday the 16th. The location of those games will be in the higher seeds ballpark.

Final Standings (2020):
Rhein Rockets 5-1-1
Wynyard Blues 5-2
Rosebud Junior Royals 4-3
Balcarres Broncs 3-2-2
Foam Lake Merchants 3-4
Rosebud Royals 2-5
Fishing Lake Cubs 1-6

Recent Results:
August 3

Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League

Rhein Rockets 7
Foam Lake Merchants 1

WP – Terry Peppler

Bret Peppler and Evan Neibrandt both 3 for 4 on the day.

Rosebud Royals 7
Rosebud JR Royals 4
WP James Holowaty
Hr Austin Paquachan (jrs)

August 1.

Wynyard 12
Neudorf 1

WP- Mike Jordan 5 innings, 0 Runs, relieved by Tayler Jordan
LP – Drew Hoehn 4 innings, relieved by Justin Hollinger

The Blues were able to capitalize on a few Posse mistakes in the first inning, plating 7 in the process. Starter Mike Jordan threw well, only allowing 2 base runners over 5 innings. Tayler Jordan who came in relief worked out of a couple jams only allowing 1 run in his two innings. Dalton Lindal was the offensive star of the game going 3/3 while scoring 3 runs.

Jr Royals – 5
Neudorf Posse- 4
WP: Lucas Ochitwa
Luke Scutchings Grand Slam

Jr. Royals – 5
Foam Lake Merchants – 2
WP- Koby Faubert (2 hitter, 0 ER)
LP-Ryan Junop
Kaden Fedak 2-2, 2 runs

Jr. Royals – 7
Fishing Lake 2
Koby Faubert
LP- Austin Paquachan
HR: Austin

July 30

5-4 Foam Lake Merchants over Balcarres Broncs. Ty Bethum HR. WP James Anderson. LP. ??

July 28

Balcarres @ Wynyard
Blues – 9
Bronx – 2
WP – Mike Jordan
LP – Darian Bellegaurd
HR – Dylan Shewchuck (Blues)
On a great day for ball the Blues and Bronx battled it out. Both starting pitchers held the other team in check for the first couple of innings. The Blues led by a huge game from Dylan Shewchuck who had 3 hits, 1 home run and 2 doubles, were able to start to score. Blues thrower Mike Jordan had 11 Strike Outs while facing 2 batters over the minimum over 6 innings. Colin McLeod would finish up for the Blues while Colby Davidson took over for the Bronx.

July 28
15-2 foam merchants over fishing lake cubs. James A wP Austin P LP. HR Brodie Lamb Darby Koshman Korby Koshman. Cubs Austin Paquachan

July 25
Rosebud Royals 12
Fishing Lake Cubs 0
WP James Holowaty
Richardson pioneer men’s fastball league at RE/MAX Diamond in Wadena.

July 22
7-7 balcarres Bronx and neudorf Posse
Charles Mcnabb 5 innings 4 runs
Colby Davidson 2 innings 3 runs
Ty Betham 2 run HR in the bottom of 7 for the tie


Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League results and upcoming.

Tuesday July 21: Rosebud Jr Royals vs Foam Lake Merchants at RE/MAX Diamond Wadena 7:00
Nutlake Eagles at Rhien Rockets 7:00 in Sheho
Wednesday July 22: Neudorf Posse at Balcarres Bronx 7:00
Thursday July 23: Rosebud Royals Juniors vs seniors Exhibition 7:00 IN Wadena
Friday July 24th: Rosebud Royals vs Fishing Lake Cubs in Wadena 7:00
Saturday July 25th: Wynyard Blues vs Rosebud Jr. Royals at RE/MAX Diamond Wadena 11:00 AM
Neudorf Posse vs Rosebud Jr Royals at RE/MAX Diamond Wadena
Sunday July 26th in Wynyard: Wynyard Blues vs Balcarres Bronx 1:00
Balcarres Bronx vs Rosebud Royals 3:00

Thursday July 16
8-6 Rhein Rockets over neudorf Posse
WP terry pepper
Lp drew hoehn
Hr drew Hoehn Sean Parkin Rhett Reeve
Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League 8-3 Balcarres Bronx over fishing lake Cubs
Wyatt Tuckanow 1 hr
Gilbert Bellegarde 3-4
Darian Bellegarde Cote wp 9 ks

Friday July 17
Foam Lake Merchants 13
Rosebud Royals 9
WP James Anderson
HR Korby Koshman
Correction *Darby Koshman
Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League In Neudorf

Sunday July 19
Neudorf Posse 5
Rosebud Royals 3

WP Drew Hoelm
HR Bradyn Melrose RR and Jayden Napady

8-6 Rhein rockets over neudorf posse
WP terry pepper
Lp drew hoehn
Hr drew Hoehn Sean Parkin Rhett Reeve
RPFL in Rhein:

Rhein Rockets- 4
Balcarres Bronx- 4

Darian Bellegarde
Justice Keshane

Dave Renkas
Evan Neibrandt (two run shot with two outs, bottom 7 to tie game at 4)

Rhein rockets 16
Rosebud JRs Royals – 5

WP – Justice Keshane
LP – Koby Faubert

Rhett Reeve
Terry Peppler
Jason Smalley
Evan Neibrandt X2
Balcarres Bronx 14-4 over Rosebud JR Royals.
WP Charles Mcnabb